Developer Package

Developer Opportunity:

A Sample ImageThe Communities at Branson Creek is the area's largest residential development, spanning 6,500 acres of the Ozarks.While still in the early stagesof residentialbuild out, over $240 Million Dollars has been invested in backbone infrastructure including the new $155 Million Branson Regional Airport which the property surrounds. The property includes the 6 miles of private roadway leading to the regional airport.

Branson Creek began in the early 2000s, when GEP Inc. began developing the land. In 2010, McMillin Communities, a home-building company with a 50-year history of building planned communities and Oaktree Capital Management a well respected real estate hedge fund, joined forces with GEP to execute a master plan designed to serve home buyers, couples, families and retirees.

Infrastructure Improvements

A Sample ImageBranson Creek was designed and built with developers in mind. Each phase of the master plan considers the best location for neighborhoods, green space, recreational areas and commercial sites as well as infrastructure. Branson Creek is second to none with multi-million dollar in-place improvements including:

  • Over 6 miles of landscaped main road from which all parcels can be accessed.
  • On-site water supply to service all parcels from a 500,000 gallon water tower.
  • Two 1,600/2100 foot deep wells with an output capacity of 1,500 gallons per minute each.
  • On-site state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility and 1/3 ownership in the Taney County Wastewater Plant less than one mile away.
  • Curbs, gutters, sidewalks, streetlights and underground utilities in finished residential neighborhoods.
  • Underground power in sidewalk vaults that can be expanded as necessary
  • Approved county master plan with entitlements for residential and commercial improvements.

  • Existing Site Plan Development

    Initial property development focused over several years on constructing main arterial roadways and other backbone infrastructure, monumental entry, construction offices, the golf courses, airport and several subdivisions. In 2007, vertical construction of production homes began.

    Six distinct residential neighborhoods have been constructed within Branson Creek including Fieldstone Bluffs, Fieldstone Fieldstone Pines Townhomes, Oak Knoll, Ironridge and The Legends, with approximately 155 properties sold and 110 homes constructed over the past 10 years.

    A Sample ImageFifteen miles of developed hiking and biking trails carved into the breathtaking hills and valleys complete on-site amenities that meander through historic mining sites, a ghost town and natural caves.

    Centered within approximately 1800 acres of surrounding property, the Branson Airport is a privately financed regional airport with a 7,200 foot platform capable of servicing any domestic commercial aircraft now in service in the US. The Branson Airport will continue to be an asset not only to Branson Creek, but to the region for both vacation and business travelers alike. The Branson Creek ownership includes the approximately 6 miles of private roadway leading to the airport and its only access.

    Opportunities for Commercial Developers

    Branson Creek offers many opportunities for Commercials Developers including:

    1. Commercial Pads 1-5 Acres Bordering Branson Creek Blvd – Main Arterial Roadway to Branson Airport – Traffic 1k to2K/day with seasonal fluctuations.
    2. Industrial Park Zone 10 - 660 acres with ingress/egress to airport runway, located 2 miles from 4 lane US 65 and 35 miles from I-44 with high power electric        substation and level topography.
    3. Assisted Living Site – 3 to 8 acres
    4. Hotel Site –Overlooking Branson Creek Golf Course
    5. General Store/Gas station
    6. Town Center
    7. Special Purpose Sites ranging from 5 to 100 acres
    8. Time Share/Resort Sites
    9. Special Purpose Recreational Sites ranging from 5 to 100 acres

    Location and Demographics:

    Branson is located in Taney County in the Southwest portion of the state, located 35 miles south of Springfield and just north of the Arkansas boarder. With a moderate climate that delivers seasonal beauty, Branson is one of America’s favorite-and most accessible-destinations. Branson’s central location, in the heart of the Midwest, is a key contributor to its popularity being it is within 600 miles of 50% of U.S. population and households and within 600 miles of 50% of total U.S. manufacturing establishments.

    Missouri and the Branson area are very active at assisting in business growth offering companies a variety of incentive programs for expanding business. They include:

    • Enhanced Enterprise Zone
    • Community College New Jobs Training Program
    • Quality Jobs Program
    • Property tax abatements and sales tax exemptions on energy, machinery and equipment

    • Missouri also offers a secure business climate by ranking:

    • 4th lowest business costs, including labor
    • 3rd lowest business energy rates
    • 5th lowest corporate income tax rate
    • 5th lowest cost of living
    • 10th most pro-business state

    The Branson area offers a diverse work force of skilled labor which in turn offers a higher quality product and higher profits. Education and training enhances the regions worker profile with 6 Universities and Colleges within a 40 mile radius. This offers an abundance of both long term and short term labor and the capability to have a well-trained work force in a rapidly changing business environment.

    A Sample ImageBranson is home to over 50 theaters hosting top shows that range from country to Broadway, jazz to rock n’ roll. Dozens of unique attractions and museums and more than 17,000 hotel rooms and 35,000 restaurant seats, twelve challenging golf courses, three pristine lakes and hundreds of miles of breathtaking shoreline, plus countless mainline retailers and outlets, and you’ve got the playground of all playgrounds!

    Branson, Missouri, the Midwest’s entertainment phenomenon, with more than seven million visitors spending more than $1.4 billion annually. Amazingly, Branson is still very much a small town that makes room for newcomers in the business and entertainment industries, providing services and attractions for all tastes and lifestyles.

    While Branson is a top tourist destination, more and more visitors are extending their stay permanently. The modest cost of living, with average home prices in the $150,000 range, well below the national average of $185,000 range, good schools, effective law enforcement, convenient access to health care, active volunteer opportunities, plenty of civic and religious organizations, and unlimited recreational features appeal to families and listed as one of the top 50 places to retire in the country for those consider this area as their next home. Home types include: Single Family, Mobile Homes and Condominiums.

    Here is some information about the average visitor to the Branson area:

    • Average age – 57.3
    • Average annual income - $51,000
    • 65.7% are adults/seniors
    • 34.3% are families
    • 80.9% travel via a personal vehicle
    • Average length of stay – 4 nights
    • Average amount spent - $760 per trip
    • 26.9% come from 100 miles away or less
    • 21.2% come from 101-300 miles away
    • 51.9% come from 301+ miles away
    • Visitor satisfaction measures 4.4 on a 1-5 rating scale